Instructional Designers (Storyline) Needed Now *** Start Immediately ***

Hi guys -

Do you want to work as a contract Instructional Designer for some of the biggest companies in the World, making real transformative change, and impacting how business can succeed, be more competitive, be safer, and make a difference for real people ?

Our award winning eLearning development team is looking to immediately expand with a series of new Storyline-based Instructional Designers (WBT, ILT, and vILT) . 

We have an excellent on-boarding  plan that will set you up to work. We also have  a superb  template catalogue, and also an instructional process website that give you instant access to writing guides, sample storyboards , and more. We need Storyline experts who can work well with Millennial audiences, sales enablement, and interactivity

There is a current focus on telecom providers, although any background will be considered. 

Our core team provides extended support, can answer questions, and if your work is well accepted you will open opportunities to work on more of ourtruly cutting edge  eLearning, 

Please contact me immediately. We could have you working in a day or two, and there's potential bonus for great results, and a chance for us to work even closer. 

The job will be challenging but if you give us a chance it could be the start of something great. Get in touch now and get working immediately.


Micah White
Director, Research & Development
Computer Generated Solutions, Inc.

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