Instructor-learner feeds in storyline

Feb 17, 2017

Hi everyone,
Has anyone done any module whereby the instructor could view learner's activity responses? For example, let's say, out of 3 coloured bikes, a learner picks the red one and then submits. The instructor could actually retrieve and view the response on the same slide or scene from own device and provide feedback. The learner will then receive the feedback. Everything happens in storyline.

I am creating a learning tool for primary schoolers and would like to add this interaction - remote or traditional classroom. In a classroom, a teacher could project the screens during discussions and show students' responses for any slide activities.

Any tips/suggestions? Thank you.

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Nicole Legault

Hi Rais, 

Thanks for popping by the E-Learning Heroes forums and leaving your question here. That sounds like a really interesting and engaging concept you're looking to create!

Unfortunately, I don't think Storyline alone will allow you to create the kind of live, feedback-ready content that you want to build for your learners. While Storyline will allow you to build the interaction where the learner, for example, selects the red bike out of 3 options, it doesn't have a platform you can use to host the content and immediately let an instructor/teacher view the learners selection.

That kind of tracking is actually typically done using an LMS (Learning Management System), but even in those cases, the instructor wouldn't see the learners selection RIGHT away, the learner would have to submit the module, and the results would have to be uploaded/transmitted to the LMS before a teacher could view it, so it wouldn't exactly be instantenous. 

There may be some other tools on the market that will allow you to create this kind of live, dynamic content that allows feedback to be given immediately, I just don't know what those tools are myself, sadly, but it's not to say they don't exist. In any case, I wish you best of luck with this project!!

Rais Omar

Hi Nicole,

Thank you.

Your explanation is spot on and learners will definitely have to submit/transmit their data. My team and I are currently working on this using javascript and web-objects - it actually works! 

We are currently expanding on the storyline and technical architecture, creating mechanics like notifications, events tracking, etc, and, testing sessions on the LMS so let's see how everything pans out. So far, it looks promising!

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