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Jul 21, 2015

What tool is best to create an 'interactive' image? Can Articulate do that?

Here's what I'd like to create, but I want the user to be able to control the time, by either clicking on the dial in the correct location to achieve 45, or click and drag the dial until it reaches 45 (with the image displaying each second as 1, 2, 3, all the way to 59). Flash?


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David Price

So this one sparked my interest and I've had a pop at it.  I've only done the first 10 seconds on the clock but I have the other 50 images ready to go in (I just haven't got spare time at the moment to create all 60 hotspots and triggers).  Just click on the time sections on the clock face.

I created it from a Vector image that I edited in Illustrator with the time segments on separate layers, sorry its not the same images you posted up.  You could add the numbers into the actual image file if you didn't want to worry about variables.

I was trying to figure out how to count it backwards from the time you set but I'm stumped on that one at the moment, maybe a bit of Javascript could do something with it.

Output -

Story File -

Hope this helps at bit.

Cheryl Hoffman

Michael and David,

I wish I could just come look over your shoulder while you do these. Perhaps my tools are insufficient to create what you've done (I have MS Paint and a few days left on my SnagIt trial).

I have successfully taken the clock time (numeric display in center) up to 45 in Storyline 2, but I don't think either Paint or SnagIt are sufficient to continue the coloring. 

Cheryl Hoffman

No WAY!!!  Woot-woot!!!  This sucker kept me up half the night trying to figure out what tool to use to create the 35 additional images with the red 'pie' shape. Hot-diggity-dog, thank you so much!  Your help is immensely appreciated.

Incidentally, I have managed to work with (and understand) the variable, as well as the sec. lines - and got all that up to 45. All that was left was the red part.

Thanks for starting my day on such a great note.  ;-)

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