Interactive navigation

Interactive navigation
Can anyone help me with this interactive navigation problem?

I need to find a way of linking the Next button with the other buttons on the screen so the Next button is updated and only shows the layers not seen.

These are the instructions I have been given:

The “Next” button should only take you to the parts not yet navigated to.
If I click “What are our differentiators” then “Maintain Knowledge” and click “Next” – I should only be taken to the “Are we helping” section then the next click of “Next” should take me to the next slide (not through the other 2 sections that I have already clicked on)

Have included the file, any help would be appreciated 



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Jacob Selin

You need to create a variable for each section of your course and when visited set it to “OK” or similar. When the user clicked on Next you will call up on every section in order to see whether its ok or not. If OK then check the next variable. If not go to the slide (or layer) where unread content are placed.

At least that’s how I would do it I think. (but I haven’t looked at your file yet, will do later)