Interactive New Hire Orientation


Has anyone used articulate storyline to create an interactive onboarding experience for a new hire in a company? For example, someone gets hired and they would access the content to learn more about their company, goals, where to go for benefits, use of internal software applications, etc.

I could create small screencasts of applications, but was curious if anyone created this as a package for a new employee.



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Nicole Legault

Hi there Peter!

Thanks for posting this great question. 

Here's a sample New Employee/New Hire Orientation course created with Storyline 1 that we used as a demo course: Comstar New Hire Orientation

Also, here's a few great past forum discussions on that topic: 

Maybe this will help get the creative juices flowing and help you get going in the right direction. would also love to hear from other community members on this one!

Nicole Legault

Hi Dawn!

Thanks for your comment. I actually did not personally create that example, but the calculator is created using number variables and triggers to do some basic math calculations. Here's a helpful tutorial: