Free to use - Interactive Phone Chat

Hi All,

After adding my "A little Useful Gif" thread to the forum, I decided to take it a step further.

Ive been recently working on an interactive type phone chat, to add a bit more than just the plain text content and keeping up with todays technology delegates can relate too.

The chat was developed with the Samsung S8 in mind and the side swipe function for menu options.

Simply it looks like you are receiving messages and can use the replies to direct the chat.  Please note this is only a sample and you possibly can see uses for it within your area.

1. Added some Javascript to show date and time like a phone :D

2. Used just general triggers to make it easy to start with and allow you to build on it.

3. Created Graphics masks so scrolling text out of picture could be done easy.

Its a simplistic creation, however i do plan to add a lot more features etc.

Let me know your thoughts and if you like i can upload to share the .story file. (created in Storyline 2)

Look forward to your feedback


 Update :  Added .story for you all to use 

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