Interactive Portfolio - An eye of a Recruiter

Hello Everyone,

Like most of us,  I always ask this question to myself. Why I was not selected for this role? Although, I am good at what I do and fully capable of doing things that are mentioned in the job description.

We all know that there are varieties of reasons for not getting the job. However, most of the recruiters see your portfolios and get confused with what you do and did in past years. We always add everything in our portfolios which is good but, for hiring manager, it becomes overwhelming. 

Presentation is the key to success. 

After talking with the top recruiters, I have designed an interactive portfolio which will not brag about myself, but it will give exactly what recruiter or hiring manager wants. I suggest if you follow this will put you in a better position.

Click here to see the portfolio and give me your valuable feedback.


Mohammad Hassam

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Christine Hounsham

Hi Mohammad

I really liked the way you presented your portfolio.  Having the about and experience pages before the projects, was a great way of given context to your abilities.

How do you use your portfolio?  Do you have it on a personal website or just include it as a attachment to applications?

Regards Christine

Mohammad  Hassam

Thanks Christine. 

I normally send a link to the recruiter via email or create a link in my resume by saying "Interactive portfolio". Please see the screenshot below:

I also have a blogging website where I share all the things that I've learned or the projects I am working on. Click here to visit my blogging website.

Jörg Kern

Hi Mohammad.

I had a look at your portfolio and wnat to give you some feedback.

I find the startpage very good, it gives a quick overview of what you're doing. I had to learn that I cannot click the terms, though. Which is ok, I think.

In the "About" page, you have the phrase "for respected global organizations" two times, that's one time to much, as I see it. There's one typo in the last phrase "Recently, He...". A question of taste is whether or not you want to layout the page a little different. It is defnitely not too much text, but when popping up the first time, it looked much to me. Maybe that's because I started reading and then the second and third paragraph popped up.

For the "Experience" page: Good idea, having the plane flying upwards, showing your way to the top!-) The text boxes to me appear a little "bumpy", if I may say so. Maybe have the text boxes pop up and snychronize them with the plane?

I really like the little projects you show. That is a very good idea, I actually could do the same for my portfolio;-) I didn't look at them all, though. The one about how to make a good coffee is really nice, you could just provide some information on what it's about - or not;-) In the "How to design an elearning course" the "Back" button didn't work in two slides. Was that on purpose?

In terms of the information you give, I think your portfolio is very good.