Interactive question

Hi all,

I'd like to create a question with some items to moove.

Some items are good and should be mooved on a folder in order to keep then, others have to be deleted by mooving then into a bin.

For the moment, it's not interactive enough because items are not hiden or "swallowed" by the bin or foler. Can you help me to have a better animation for this question, please ?

Thanks for your help.


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Claudie Lemasçon

It works now. I  have 4 statements on the slide and the user has to moove those which are good in a box. There is a change status for the box  (open / closed) when statement is mooved and the statement is hidden after the drap and drop on the box. After validation, there is a message (right or wrong) according drag and drop answers. but if it's wrong, I would like to start the question again with all statements available. As I display a different layer for the result, how can I display the question as if it was the first time ?