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Natalia Mueller

Hi Lance,

A few questions... What kind version of ppt do you have and what kind of quiz are you thinking about for the classroom? Will you be the one actually clicking the answers?

Are you familiar with ppt hyperlinks? You can create a clickable area with a hyperlink that will jump to the answer slide. The answer slide can then include a hyperlinked "button" to take you to the next question - or you can set it up so the answer slide advances to the next question. There are a lot of ways you can set it up. The point is, yes, you can do this in just ppt.

I can give you clearer step by step instructions or refer you to some helpful tutorials if needed.

Natalia Mueller

Here's an example for you. I got this template from the community. I believe it was from Tom K, but I don't remember for sure (Sorry to not give proper credit!) I think it was designed to demonstrate Articulate branching abilities, BUT it also includes PowerPoint hyperlinks. Once you have it saved, open it in slideshow view and click an "answer" to see the hyperlinks in action. 

Lance Stephenson

Thanks Natalia for your reply!

Yes, I have used a lot of hyperlinking in my ppt presos and action buttons as well. I will have a look your attachment.

Generally the classroom instructor would be the one clicking through the slides.  Just looking for creative ways to engage a live audience with various Q&A type activities.