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Curious if there is a way to do any of this while still allowing the player controls to be available. Because without that there is no accessibility. It also may be nice for learners to be able to pause or skip around. When that is done though the timing gets all messed up and the interactions break.

For example if i have a cue point at 21 seconds on the timeline that does not directly link to 21 seconds in the video. If the video is skipped the buttons on my second layer will be missed and the video will pause on the 21st second of time on that slide not the video. The interactions cannot be timed to the video if you allow player controls to be available.

Other methods like placing all the elements on the timeline and not other layers still have the same issue. For instance if I pause the video my interactions may appear before they are intended to because the timeline cue-points aren't locked to the video time.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Richard Mulcahy

Not sure if this answers your question but one method I used when you have a video that at certain points pauses and then the learner is presented with a quiz or really anything. I take a video and then edit it at the required pause points. For example, I may take one video and then break it up into 4 parts. I place the first part on one slide and then when the video ends I set a trigger to automatically go to the next slide (no slide transitions). This slide could be a quiz. I also take the last frame of the previous video and use that as the background for the this quiz slide.

To the learner, it appears the video just pauses and a quiz appears. One they complete the quiz and selects continue then the 2 part of the video plays. So it appears the video and quizzes are all part of one slide.