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Hey guys,

I want to create an interactive video for the process of pumping a ball.

I want that the learners to click buttons and answer some questions at specific time.

I tried to achieve all of this by using states, triggers and cue points. Is there a more easier way of doing that? 

Is there also anything I can easily integrate in an interactive video other than questions? Any help or suggestions would be really cool.

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Fiedel,

I had a quick look at your file and I noticed a couple things:

  • It looks you may have changed the aspect ratio on your video, the image is appearing a little squished. If possible, I would try and go back to the original aspect ratio for a cleaner image.
  • The "find the hole" state of your button (see animated gif) is jumping around a bit when I hover over it. It looks like you may have created a hover state for it somehow, but I'm not finding where you did that. I tried updating the "find the hole" state I found, and that fixed part of the problem (I wasn't able to click) but I'm still seeing a second button when I hover over it. I would try and fix that.

In regard to your question, another way to create an interactive video is by using layers instead of states. I personally find it's easier to work with layers because you can easily flip back and forth between them, but it's really up to you!

I also thought I'd share these interactive video examples with you to give you some ideas of other things you can do.

I hope that's helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions.