Interactive Website Banners made with Storyline

We are running a campaign to raise awareness of IT security issues. I am now using Storyline to make an interactive website banner that asks the IT Security Question of the week. Storyline makes it very easy to keep these interactions fresh and exciting. The character figure reacts to mouse hover and to answers. Selecting an answer leads directly to the response slide with a link for more information.

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Jim Larsen

Instructions for Hosting Flash Banners in SharePoint

Create a Banner in Storyline.  Reduce the story size to match the space available in your website banner.  Leave a little room for the frame.  Publish using the Web option.

Create a Document Library in SharePoint to hold the files, or select a Library already in the system.

                Document Libraries are created by clicking Site Actions > View All Site Content > Create

Create a folder in the document library for the banner files.  Call it something like, “BannerQuizes”

Open the solution folder and transfer the contents of web output folder into the folder on SharePoint.  The results should look like this:


Right-Click on story.html (the one with the Internet Explorer icon) and select “Copy shortcut”.

Now navigate to the SharePoint page where you wish to display the banner.  Click Site Actions > Edit Page.

Select the zone for the banner and click Add a Web Part.  Add the Page Viewer Web Part.  Follow the prompts for opening the edit panel to add a URL.  Paste in the URL that was copied as a shortcut in the step above.

Open the Appearance tab on the Page Viewer Web Part.  Set the height to 2.5 inches (or whatever you have set as your size).  Set the Chrome to “None”.

Publish the page.