Interested to learn about Instruction Design

Hi all,

I would like to learn more about Instructional Design. I would like to become an Instructional Designer one day. I've been developing Elearning courses for 3 years now, mainly via Storyline 2.


Could you please point me to the relevant resources that could help me learn more about this topic?



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Mike Taylor
Christy Tucker

I second everything on Mike's list. In fact, if you look at my post, you'll see a lot of overlap in the books I recommend with Mike's list. If you're looking for additional reading after you get through those books, I have some additional books and websites here:

Ambika Iyer

Hi Friends,

I am from India and i am interested in learning instructional design courses form USA. I have shortlisted 4 colleges Bosie State, George Mason, San Diego and Umass.. out of this which is a better choice. I would want to study along with my work .. Since i have no previous experience of ID, will taking this course help me. 



Elaina Jones

Hello Ambika,

Deciding whether or not to obtain a formal education is a personal choice.  I have worked with individuals who are self-taught and those who have formal education in the field, including myself.  As far as skill level it is all based on the effort each person.  In my personal experience, my degree allowed me to understand better how we learn, how to manage projects, and communicate with stakeholders and subject matter experts. Resources such as E-Learning Heroes allowed me to learn how to build better courses.  

Pamela Sharpe

Hello,  I apologize for the late answer. I am a  graduate of the George Mason program. George Mason, has an excellent Instructional Design program.  Yes, taking courses will help you understand adult learning theory, you will learn each step in the ADDIE process and have an opportunity to practice each step, in most cases real world practice.