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Tammy Moore

There is one at Link'dIn if nothing here exists or gets started. The group is called Global Giveback. The idea is that non-profits can post what they need and e-learning designers and developers can agree to do the needed work for them pro bono. 

I run a K-12 non-profit online course co=op for homeschool families. Our courses are free and have been for over ten years. Our courses are built by volunteers. Let me know if K-12 sounds interesting. teacher.tammy.moore@gmail.com

Chris Chagnon

I work in a related field, but my role prevents me from spending  time doing elearning/instructional design work.  I think the best way to break into freelance work is to establish a portfolio.  To build a portfolio you have to find projects to showcase your work.  Volunteering is a win win situation.  I hope to see more people posting their thoughts on this.