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Nick n/a


I guess the type you use in hospital would be the same type used in schools and acadmic settings.

I've seen them previously in the education sector but as I'm based in the UK as you're in Canada I'm sorry I can't help with a recommendation.

They were purchased by the IT departments in my previous experience.


Elizabeth Miles

I've been using an Anthro charging cart for a few years and love it.  It stores about 30 iPads in a small vertical space and is really easy to transport to classrooms. I'm not sure if they're available for purchase in Canada, though.

If you get a cart, make sure you request at least one extra key.  Ours only came with one, which is a little scary when classes depend on it! Also, consider keeping a box of microfiber cleaning cloths on top of the cart because it doesn't take much for the screens to get really dirty.  I have students clean the screens before returning the iPads to the cart so they're in good shape for the next class.