iPads - yay or nay?

My training department has been considering adding some iPads to our training arsenal. For those who have been creating LMS courses using iPads, what are the biggest pros and cons you have come across? How hard is transitioning to Preso from Storyline 2 (which I've just really gotten comfortable with)? Worth the money to invest in iPads for my whole area?

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Mike Enders

Hi Kara,

I'll let the community chime in on the overall value prop for iPads, but I wasn't sure from your post if you're seeing Preso as a potential replacement for Storyline?

If so, then I'd follow up with a question about the use case and what type of learning you're creating.

Preso and Storyline 2 have really different use cases. Storyline is focused on building highly interactive elearning with states, layers, triggers, software simulation, etc. Preso is focused in on creating quick training videos via the iPad. I see them as complementary tools each focused on a different outcome.

So I'd say that if you're looking to create quick training vids, then you'll find Preso to be super easy to use. It's really fun! Just keep in mind that Preso won't give you the same breadth of tools/possibilities as Storyline. 

I hope that helps!





Kara Tharpe

Hi Mike! Thank you for the reply. We would be using it as a supplement to Storyline. My entire team is (decently) comfortable in Storyline and I was more wondering about the difficulty of using the interface when they're used to creating all items in Storyline 1 and 2.

Our training is mostly linear processing though we do occasionally deal in processes that are not linear. Training is created for both customer service reps and a slew of various types of frontline processors in our annuities business.