iPhone movie and video encoder

A colleague and I are trying to import movies filmed on iPhones into VideoEncoder to convert so we can use them in a course. The movies are .MOV format but when we try and import them I can't import it at all - I get an error message that says 'Video could not be loaded' and my colleague can load the video but it won't play in Encoder so we can't workout where to trim and crop.

Any ideas from the intelligent masses out there?

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David Anderson

Hi Helen,

Which app are you using to record your movie? Using the basic Camera program, your .mov files should import correctly (they use the h.264 codec which Articulate supports). I just tried it and it works okay. It's likely you're missing a codec file (plugin) to recognize your video files.

Let's make sure you have the latest Studio '09 update. Can you first try downloading the latest version of Studio and installing it? You don't need to uninstall your current version.

If that doesn't help, install the K-Lite Codec pack. It's free and includes popular codecs that should help your files import correctly.