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Kim Ellis

Hi Tony, 

I haven't used it since June so there will have been some updates since then.  I didn't have many problems with uploading the zip files from storyline 2 (didn't use 360 back then).  One issue we came across was the courses not tracking completion, users had to clear their cache and cookies and restart their browser to get it to work, sometimes they had to do that twice.  

I never got to the bottom of that issue, it may have been some software we were running in the background interfering.

Other than that it was ok, sometimes a nightmare when I had to mass enrol the entire company on courses because you can only do 1000 at once.  With the tracking, I needed to run 2 reports, one for who were enrolled and one for who had completed.  This was because Workday didn't enrol people automatically so they wouldn't come up on the completion report.  They may have come up with a fix for that since I was fiddling around.

I have a couple of quick reference guides, one for adding an outlook calendar invite to a course and one for creating a course which is in the past.  If you'd like me to ping them over to you send me your email address.

Hope this all helps, give me a shout if you want to have a chat or need more info.


Steve Bunce

Hi Lori,

We are using SL360 and are publishing in Scorm 1.2/html5 to Workday. We have run into issues with Workday recognizing bank questions from Quizmaker. The bank is a large group of questions (60+) that pulls a random 25 questions as well as another topic that utilizes all the questions (around 12). While importing quiz to SL360 it shows the 12 questions as independent slides and the bank questions as one slide totaling 17 slides. Workday is completing at 17 slides when in actuality it is 12 + the 25 randomized questions. Following so far?  

Eboni DuBose

We are piloting right now and built course in Rise (with Storyline interactions). We are highly disappointed in the LMS.  It was purchased before our Learning team was assembled by the HR team so we're stuck with it for 18 more months :-(.  

It's in an it's infancy so lacks critical aspects that LMS should have.  

  1. We have noticed that when a learner completes a course and then revisits the course, it totally starts them off in a new course.  It doesn't ask if you would like to resume, etc?  it starts them off back off in the beginning of the course.  Thus we now have to open our navigation so that learners once they complete courses, won't have to go through all of there course.
  2. If you need to update a course, it totally wipes out a learner's progress.  There is NO (update a new version) option.  So if you made any typos or had a glitch in a simulation, learners progress is LOST.  They are back to the beginning of the course every time the course is updates. Your QA game had better be magnificent! 
  3. Reporting is atrocious.  It's just excel sheets that you have to export.  Nothing pretty about it.  Also The dashboard defaults to tables not graphs.  And you can't make it default to graphs to make getting a quick glimpse easier. 

Those that are using Workday, are you encountering this as well? Are we doing something wrong?  

Colleen Cote

hi Beverly, 

There are several different reasons I wouldn't recommend using Workday's LMS. A few of the big ones are:

  • You can't upload updated versions of courses without whipping everyone's record. 
  • You can't assign individual due dates to users for a course. 
  • You can't auto-assign course work to new users. 
  • We've encountered a lot of problems with custom content playing and recording properly in Workday and was told that the Workday UI does not support flash. (as I side note, when I spoke with them about the error messages our users were getting we were told that the majority of their users do not create their own content but get it from 3rd party providers). 
  • We can't see how many times someone has launched a course or how long they were in the course. 
  • We can't customize the UI for different user groups. 
  • Personally, I feel like the search engine is also clunky and could be improved. 
  • From a user perspective, we've had issues where people complete a course but are not sure if they have completed it (and in some cases accidentally enroll in it again so it shows as "in progress" or "not started")
  • For our compliance training, we are having to retire the courses each year and create new courses for the following year since the system will only maintain one completion record.  

Those are just a few of the issues we've encountered with Workday. I've spoken with several people at Workday and offered to speak with their product team, but haven't heard back from them yet. 

If you would like to talk further, let me know. 

Elizabeth Polak

Beverly, we implemented Workday in 2017 as "fast followers" and it was HORRIBLE!  Almost like the people who developed it, had never developed an LMS before.  It lacks basic functionality that most learning management systems have and the user experience is the worst!  We just tested a Rise course in Workday Learning two weeks ago and it took me 8 clicks to launch content.  

Bryan Cote

Hi Kim!

I found a post you made from about 2 years ago. If you see this, I would very much like to get some info from your experience with Workday Learning. Seems like you may have been able to craft some good workarounds to Workday Learning shortcomings :).

Also interested in:
"...an outlook calendar invite to a course and one for creating a course which is in the past..."

Thank you!

Stacy Madsen

I just found out that my organization has decided to go with the Workday LMS (a decision made by IT without consulting T&D) The initial responses to Tim's question 2 years ago were ok but as I kept reading, I became more concerned. I have a background in edu LMSs and have been working in talent LMSs for a few years and so I have seen the ins and outs of a variety of training software. Anyone have a continued perspective on the Workday LMS? I think it is inviting to our IT folks because they can roll it into the existing enterprise employee management software, but that is a scary reason to make a commitment that big especially when the LMS we have been using has never been a friendly system.

Narelle McCallum

Hi Colleen, wow - this makes me nervous! We are moving towards Workday (testing about to commence). I will raise the points you make above with our implementing partner, and would be happy to share what I learn with you. 

In the meantime, we currently have many of our eCourses developed using Articulate Rise, and I am about to publish them for testing in Workday. Any recommendations on the best version of SCORM to publish?

e.g. SCORM 1.2 or 2004 v2,3,4?

Many thanks in advance.

Shuaib Bardien

Hi, my company is currently in the testing stage of implementing Workday. A quick Google lead me here. Currently I am trying to track course completion using Quizmaker 360 and PowerPoint  but it simply does not show completed at all. Even if you complete and go back to the course it will provide you with the resume option rather than saying it has been done. 

Victor Madison

Hi, I am providing some training modules I created in Storyline to a client who uses Workday LMS.  Due to security concerns, they cannot provide me access to test my modules LIVE in their LMS.  That forces them to do the testing which is not widely accepted by the share holders of the training.

Is their a way to test Storyline modules in Workday LMS offline without accessing the clients proprietary web site?

Thanks, Vic