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Ken Nicholson

Hi, Thanks for your response. It's just a mess. Some stand alone presentations that I have on my server work fine. Others produce the famous grey (no flash type) screen, even though they have been published in the same way as the ones that work. Others refer me to the App Store for the Articulate player even though I already have it installed. Prior to the iPad Pro things were reasonable even though I detest the fact that the iPad is not SCORM compliant.
The only reason this email is "sent from my iPad" is that I came off my PC to remind myself of the details of the problem. Very p'd off with Apple and their "premium" products!!

Sent from my iPad

Mohammad  Hassam

Hi Ken, 

I have posted almost the same issue few months ago and turns out, it has to do with updating the iOS version which gives compatibility issues with Articulate Mobile App. Check this out 

My suggestion, re-published the content as SCORM and use http:///scormcloud.com to test the content. I don't think you need the Articulate mobile player anymore, as it should work on any browser. 

Hope it helps.


Mohammad Hassam

Donna Pepper

I'm having the same problem Ken described when trying to access a published Storyline file on my iPad Pro. I didn't think much about it and figured the problem was something I was doing wrong until I saw Ken's post. The file I've been testing this with happens to be my website which I host on a remote server. I'll provide screen captures of what happens when I try to access my site at peppertec.com...

The problem with what is happening is that I already have the AMP installed and if I click on Open on the 3rd screen capture, it takes me to the AMP library but my site/course isn't available to play.

The only work around I've been able to come up with is to publish my site WITHOUT having it available for the AMP and just have it publish for html5 output (have done this as a test but have not republished the current version of my site with this setting). When I try to access the test link published only for html5, it opens in Safari without "hijacking" it to try to open on the AMP.

Christie Pollick

Hello, all! Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear of your difficulties! For good measure, I wanted to stop in to share this resource on Publishing for Mobile Devices.

And I also wanted to share an explanation by another staff member that I found to be helpful: "AMP can do Tin Can but not SCORM or AICC. If needing to track content on an iPad and the LMS doesn't support Tin Can, it would be best to publish to flash and html5 only. That way, the iPad runs the html5 version instead of trying to open AMP."  Hope that helps!