Is there a platform that combines knowledge base and LMS features?

I'm wondering if you have come across or even use a platform that combines the content management side of a knowledge base with a course management platform. I'm aware these two have, historically, been separated, but with the ever changing training needs, I've been in two companies that have searched for something like this.

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Dave Goodman

Hi Vanessa - great minds think alike! I am reviewing a demo at 12:00 noon today on KM and LMS. At this initial stage, I was assuming an api approach but if it goes further, I will send you a post. Some of KM and learning ideas that we are pursuing are: based upon a slider meter for confidence on the learning topic, additional but alternative knowledge would be presented to the learner if they stated their low confidence level; building a community around a company's critical topics which will have the KM piece that would be pushed out to all and/or to learners who are in a specific learning program, e.g., global rollout of a product; and, a more feature rich on-boarding program or manager rotation program which will have corporate memory available to the attendees.

PS - i go back to the Lotus Notes days with their communities of practice, communities of passion, communities of interest etc. If you can get your hands on any of this material you will jump ahead with your KM projects. Chat later.