Is there a way to change Menu Navigation Mode when my user retakes my course a second time?

Hello, as of now, my course menu has the navigation mode "Restricted", this because the idea is that he/she doesn't skip any slides while taking the course.

However, if he/she were to fail the evaluation and had to retake the course a second time, it'd be exhausting to have to go along all the +50 slides in the course. Could I program the Menu Navigation to change from "Restricted" to "Free" when the user retakes my course?

Any aid is appreciated,

Kind regards!

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Karim,

With Restricted navigation, a learner cannot use the built-in Menu to advance to a new slide. However, they can freely revisit any previously viewed slide, and, the NEXT button will be available when they return to a previously viewed slide (unless you've add special triggers to prevent that).

Typically, evaluations are included at the end of a course. If the learner fails, they are given the option to retake the quiz. There is no default requirement that they have to step through the entire course again.

What happens if a learner exits the courses after failing?  When the learner returns to the course, the default setting is that they are prompted to ask if they want to resume where they left off.

  • If they click Yes (i.e., they want to resume where they left off), the program takes them to whatever slide they were on when they exited. And the program remembers that what slides they already viewed.
  • If the click No (i.e., they don't want to resume where they left off), the program restart the course from scratch. Only in that case would they have to step through all the slides again.

FYI:  What happens when a user exits and then returns to a course is controlled in the player. "Prompt to resume" is the default.