Is there a way to lockdown navigating away from a light box until all information is done?

I am venturing into using lightboxes in my feedback on quizzes. Is there a way to once a light box displays, that the learner has to view everything on the page or stay on the page until the audio completes? I see that the X to close the light box displays immediately. I exited a light box before the audio on it was done and was able to click the X on it to exit. I require the learners to click a "review" button that takes them to the light box  before moving on if they get the answer incorrect. The continue button is disabled until the review button is visited. I have the light boxes as a separate scene so I can't figure out how to tie the behavior together.  Any suggestions would be helpful! 

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Carla Kelley-Gonzales

Hi Ang, 

Thanks for responding so quickly! I love that idea! That will work for 3 of my 4 test questions. One of my questions requires the light box to be an interaction page from the course. What I've done so far is to import that page from the course and put it as well as the other light boxes into a different scene. Any ideas on that? 

Chris Dale

Anything you can do on a slide with layers you can do with just layers.

If you lift the content off of your current lightboxed slide you can put it on a layer on you main slide, then bring the layers from the interaction slide and add them to it. Make sure your triggers point to the new layers and you should be done.