Is there a way to only allow for taking an assessment once?

I am consulting on a project where the client offers an assessment (behavioral profile) that she pays a licensing fee for each time the assessment is taken. She has built the profile assessment in Storyline and wants to be able to prevent it from being taken multiple times.

For example, when she sells the course to an individual. She doesn't want that person to pass the course around for their entire team to take the assessment when they have only purchased one course. Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere that could accomplish that goal?

If this is an LMS question, what should I look for in the LMS to accomplish this goal? 

Thanks in advance!

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Thinking out loud here... (and not an LMS expert).. but I'm wondering if you could use some JavaScript (on the opening slide) to check if the current learner has a score in the LMS for the course and if so, send them to a course exit page with a message that they can only take the assessment once. 
We are in the middle of changing LMS's so I can't check it for you, but this seems possible to me.

This thread might give you some guidance: Link


You should be able to do it from StoryLine using a trigger to execute JavaScript. 
The JavaScript would make a call to the LMS and get the student's completion status. You can then pass this back as a variable to StoryLine and let them proceed if they qualify to take the assessment or kick them out if they don't. The linked thread can help you with the JavaScript.