Is there an LMS that fits this?

My company is looking to possibly replace our current LMS, and my personal wish list, as the administrator, is for the following. Do you know of any LMS that does close to this?  My company has 700+ retail stores nationwide and about 8,000 employees.


  1. LOW COST. Less than 60K per year in hosting/support costs. Pretty much non-negotiable on this one. Our purse strings are very tight.
  2. 700+ Store Managers can add/modify/delete LMS accounts for their own employees.
  3. Hierarchical reporting structure (Regional Managers can see training records for District Managers, Store Managers, and Employees)
  4. Better/easier reporting than basic moodle.
  5. Easy administration.
  6. Password resets by answering challenge questions.
  7. Intuitive interface.
  8. Hosted solution.

Right now, we could spend $$$ to customize basic moodle, but why reinvent the wheel if somebody already has done it for us.

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Alicia Pennington


With so many employees, does your HR department use anything that might have a LMS or Learning module?  My department, Education, had a need to chagne our electronic competency system.  Our current one is TO LIMITING!  When we began the process, our IT person told us that HR was looking to take some of their functions electronic (they are currently all paper-based).  We've started working with them to find a solution.  You might look at Halogen, Taleo, or Saba.  We, Educaiton, will compromise some if teaming with HR will make greater,easier strides for the company as a whole.  That being said, if we don't feel we can properly function with the system HR chooses, we will go out on our own.


Kenny Wise


Based on your requirements list, you may want to review the LMS at Wise Businessware at

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm somewhat biased because I work there. However, I would not make a recommendation if I did not genuinely feel a potential fit existed.

Good luck on your search and let me know if I may be of any assistance,


Kelly Meeker

Hey Jim, just wanted to recommend Craig Weiss' comparison tool and LMS directory to help you sort through all the choices: 

A full directory of hundreds of different LMS (with information about their features):

A template for comparing different tools and focusing on the features you need: