Is there one place to submit assets for sharing w/ this community?

Hi heroes!

I keep looking for creative ways to give back to this eLearning community!  While recording some voiceover today for a new course, I thought a couple of the audio snippets would be generic enough to share here.  Before I posted though, I was curious if there is just one way the Articulate folks want these distributed.  Do you have to OK them for posting, or can we share at will in the forums?  I have 4 small .wav files for "correct" and "try again" feedback. 

Otherwise, would a post with a descriptive subject suffice?  I was looking for the right question, topic, etc. to comment on, but I'm not sure I really found one and it's a general asset.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kristin,

As long as it's appropriate content and there's nothing that will cause issues related to ownership, post away! ;)

And yes - make sure your thread title is descriptive, so community members know what you're sharing. Also, the staff keep a look out for files and examples to share over social networking, so it will also help when we tweet/post about your contributions. 

Thanks and I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing what you have to share!