Is this possible?

I'm new to Articulate, could someone advise if this is possible, thanks.

I'm building a 'spot the hazards' module, except rather than using an image or a still i'm using a video. So the user would watch the video and each time they spot a hazard they click on the video. The difficult part here is that once the module is completed the user would need to be able to review the hazards they missed and hazards they spotted in the video, so they would need to be able to jump to different sections of the video to review their attempt. Is this functionality possible?


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Sarah Hodge

Hi Laurence! As Joanne mentioned, you can use the Jump-to-time trigger. Here are some articles that might help with that.

I also want to share this article with you on how to create interactive video quizzes in E-learning. It includes these two cool examples for inspiration:

I hope that helps!