ISO 30414 > —GOT skills and capabilities?

Apr 18, 2020

So "skills and capabilities" is one of the categories of this new Standard by the ISO for "human capital recording." Since I'm the (only) ID for my non-profit, I've been poking around for if/WHAT metrics (especially if using xAPI) are giving "us" that "data you can use to inform/improve your learning design." that those new Learning Engineers are getting to use.  

ISO kicked me to USA'ing ANSI. No one wants to give me the partial list, as one can (only) get the entire ISO 30414 for around $174. 

So specifically, anyone got those standards? And more generally what metrics/data/reports are you using (or wish you could use) to better inform/improve your learning design?



PS. And if the latest Learning Analytics book gives up any, I'll be happy to share them. 


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Alison  L.

In case you were curious, the book goes on to focus on the 5 internal skills and capabilities:

  1. Total development and training cost
  2. % of employees who participate in training 
  3. % of employees who participate in formal training
  4. Average formal training hours per employee
  5. Workforce competency rate 

Like these, the rest they decide to use are mostly Efficiency measurements. (#5 is an "Outcome")

First time I've read anything with actually things to be measured!