Issue with Number and True/False variables

Hello everyone, I am stuck and I need some help. 

I have attached the file I am working on. 

I have used a template from the articulate website that was created by someone else. The original file had 4 lessons (4 slides) - all with number and true/false variables. My course needed an extra slide, which I have created, meaning I also had to create a new state for the completion circle on the dashboard. 

My problem is this, I have copied all the triggers needed and made the necessary changes to them, however, the tick on lesson 5 is not hidden on timeline start, and when I visit lesson 5 and back back to the dashboard, the completion circle does not change. 

No Idea what I am doing wrong. Would really appreciate if someone could lend a helping end and explain what is wrong? Thank to anyone in advance. 

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