Issue with True/False Variable

I am having an issue getting my T/F variable to work on a slide. I want the learner to have to click all the sticky notes before they can proceed. Since I had to group some objects, I thought it would be easiest to put a transparent rectangle over all the sticky notes and change it to "Visited" once the learner clicks on it. The variable turns to "true" once the rectangle has been clicked. Once all the rectangles change to "visited" (and all items are "true"), I'd like the next button to appear. But that isn't happening. Am I missing a step?

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Tom Kuhlmann

It seems the variables and visited states are redundant.

You could get rid of the variables and evaluate the state: change the state of next button to normal when the state of all of the shapes are visited.

If you use variables, you need to have trigger for each shape that is going from false to true because you don't know which one they'll click on last. Currently, you only have it set up for MeanTrue.