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Trina Rimmer

Hi again. I'm not seeing the slides you're trying to share. Here's an idea: you can edit your initial discussion post by clicking the "Edit" link below your question text. Once you're in the text editor, simply click the "Add Attachment" button to add your .story file. If that doesn't work, you can share some screenshots of the slides in question. Ideally, it's best if we can see the .story file so we can help you troubleshoot. 

Hope this helps!

Trina Rimmer

Hi again Monique. So when I previewed your project on my end it appears to be working fine. I published it as well and it also performed correctly. To confirm: for slide 1.2 when I choose the correct answer, I get the green/correct pop-up and the correct audio feedback and when I choose the incorrect one, I get the blue/incorrect pop-up and audio feedback. Same with slide 1.3. Perhaps I'm not seeing the same problem you're experiencing...? 

Trina Rimmer

Monique, are you viewing your published content from a web server or LMS? Sometimes settings on your computer or web browser can cause certain features to fail so we generally advise that you view/test content in the environment for which it is intended. Here's an article that walks through this advice along with a few quick things you can check if you continue to run into trouble.

Also, just in case your .story file had become corrupt, I went ahead and took the precaution of copying your slides into a new file. I've attached them here. Hopefully you'll publish these test slides, upload them to a web server or LMS and see that everything's functioning properly.

If you've tried all these things and you're STILL seeing the erratic behavior, here's what you can do next: try posting your question in the Storyline forum to see if anyone else has some troubleshooting tips or workarounds, OR submit a support request here.

Fingers crossed that you're all set, but give us a shout if you need more help.