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Mar 09, 2016


I have created a course where the learner gets given some options at the start of the course (namely which country they work in / their position within the company). I have asked them to indicate their choices using sliders

I was planning to use the choices they made on these sliders to then adapt later slides and scenes in the course to their needs. For example, I would change the wording of some content so an English user would see a slightly different version to a Scottish user. I have created text boxes with different states, and presumed I'd be able to use variables so the course displayed the correct state, depending on the position of the sliders at the start of the course.

However, I cannot get it to work. My question is - do the sliders need to be on the same slide as the text box I'm trying to manipulate? I can get it working if they are, but would rather not have sliders on each and every page - I was hoping just to have them once at the start of the course.

thanks in advance!


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Tracy Parish

Hi Martin:

You can definately do this. 

Here is an example where the slider when moved changes the states of the objects on the next slide.  Continue, move the slider again (on a new slide) and jump to a scene based on the answer chosen.

Hope this helps, but let me know if I missed what you are trying to attempt.


Michael Hinze
Martin Sinclair

Thanks Tracy!

That all makes sense - I wonder if I'm having issues because my slider is in a different scene from theo objects with states that I'm trying to alter?


It doesn't matter which scene or slide you are on, as long as you use the correct triggers and conditions, as per Tracy's example. You can always post your .story here and someone will take a look.

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