IT Systems Training - What is your success like with View, Try and Test modes?

Hello Awesome Brains-Trust!
We have a significant IT systems change occurring in our organisation, with approx 300 people who need to become "proficient" in the use of the system by the time the system 'goes live'.  These people are located in approx 12 locations across the state, so eLearning is the preferred choice.

What are your suggestions and success rates in creating interactive eLearning for the purpose of training staff in the use of the new IT system with the goal of developing proficiency? 

I would love to hear your suggestions, or even see your project file so I can get some inspiration!

My main challenge: To not just "Show" people how to use the system, but to support them practising the steps so that they become "Proficient".

TIA! :)

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Allison LaMotte
Stevi-lee Hancock

Hi Allison, thank you for all of these.

Re: Action Fine-Tuning.  I find the try mode steps too "glitchy" for the learner, so prefer them off. I have been doing this manually (by going to each side, deleting the screen recording and then adjusting the trigger for the next slide to display when the user clicks the hotspot), but glad to find the option to remove the animation on each slide with the tick box in Action Fine Tuning.

I do note though that I still need to go to each slide and change the trigger from "Jump to next slide when media completes" to "Jump to next slide when the user clicks hotspot".  Is there a way, when removing animation (the screen recording) that the trigger could automatically update?

Allison LaMotte

Hi Stevi-lee,

I'm curious to hear more about what you're finding glitchy in the try mode steps. Could you explain?

As for the trigger, I just tried unchecking that box and the trigger was updated automatically. If you're not seeing that, I would get in touch with our support team. You can submit a case here.

Stevi-lee Hancock

Hi Allison,

Re: "Glitchy" - We've had user feedback during QA Testing of our eLearning course that "Try Mode" with Animation appears to the user as "glitches".  There is a slight blink when the slide progresses from one slide to the next and also at the beginning and end of the 'animation - screen recording'. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but when a 30-second recording is made up of 10 clicks (10 slides), with a screen recording on each slide, the 'slight blink' appears to the user as "glitchy" or "buggy".  

Glitchy: - 

I do wonder whether I need to spend more time playing with the Action Fine Tuning to perhaps fix the feeling of "glitchy"... but time is not really on my side when creating these courses, so its been much easier to manually visit each slide, delete the screen recording and manually update the triggers.

I'm excited to learn that "Action Fine Tuning" has the setting to remove the animation (screen recording) and I see now that the triggers ARE updating. (It "threw me" when I noticed that the reference to the Screen Recording Action is still in the trigger panel, but the Hotspot triggers have now updated as well. Yay!)

Fixed by removing animation: - 

I hope this helps!

And thank you! These kinds of hint and discussions are what I need to really do a great job of making my system training elearn's that much better! :)