JavaScript for Print Button in Articulate Storyline

May 22, 2014

I am trying to add a print button to the results slide of my course.  I have created a print button and added a trigger to execute the javascript when the user clicks.

The javascript code I am using is:


When I publish/upload the course into my LMS (Cornerstone OnDemand) and click the print button, it functions enough to launch the print dialogue box, but the actual print preview is blank.

Any suggestions/advice would be greatly apprciated!



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Chris Ske

Hi there,

I have a similar problem. We would need a print function on a slide within a quiz where the student types in an answer into a text entry box which the teacher should be able to access somehow. Emailing this didn't work because of technicalities on our side and so we were thinking of printing this out so it can be handed to the teacher. Any other solutions how this teacher - student interaction could happen would be appreciated. Regarding the print button - I would also be very interested in the flash source file.

Bobbi Bailey

Thank you, Amr.  I was able to modify the .fla file and change the image to the one I wanted (yet keeping all script in tact), then published a new .swf file.  I placed this .swf into my Storyline file, republished and uploaded it into my LMS. Upon testing, it worked perfectly.  Thank you again!!!

I am uploading the modified .fla and .swf files for anyone who wants to grab them.

Bobbi Bailey

Unfortunately, this is an issue that I have as well.  I have not found a way to prevent the button from printing.  The way I worked around this, is I made the swf button very small and placed it in the lower corner of the screen.  It still shows up, but it is much less intrusive on the print out by doing this.  Certainly not perfect, but for my purposes, at least acceptable.

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