JavaScript to dectect a client has everything up to date for AO

Aug 22, 2013

Articulate suggested I post this here even though it's on the Articulate Online forum.  It pertains to Articulate Online...

I would like to provide a system check for my clients to ensure they have all components/add-ins (java, javascript, browser version, flash, adobe reader, etc.) up to date.  Would anyone know where I could find the javascript to place in my website to perform this test for my clients? Or, I would be interested in someone who could develop the code for me.  I see it on many colleges with online training.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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Ke Lo

Vasily, thank you for your response.  I have already found the second link you show but not able to get it to work.  I am not very familiar with JavaScript and would love to find someone to write it for me.  Of course I would pay them.  If you know of anyone, please let me know.  Again, thank you for your time and the helpful links!

Vasily Ingogly

Someone would be able to determine your current versions of all these plugins via JavaScript, except I think for Java. That would require a server side application (i.e., something that runs on the server rather than in your browser).

I don't know of anyone available to write something for you, but I would suggest submitting a project at one of the following sites:,,

You'll probably get a lot of replies, and can choose the one you want to work with. Don't go for the cheapest bid, unless it's also the best bid; the way to successfully use these job posting boards is to look for someone with a number of projects under his/her belt, with positive comments and no projects that have gone into arbitration. You also want someone who can communicate well, and you want to use the escrow system provided (which will withhold payment until you're satisfied with the results). The more clearly you can articulate your requirements, the more likely you'll have a positive results.

Be sure to test the results on different browsers, and on different platforms (Windows, OS X, iOS, Android).

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