Javascript: What are the objects and their properties for key elements in SL?

I would like to build a slider that modifies dynamically the radius of say a circle.

The object circle is "Oval" what properties can I assign like radius, diameter, or??? I would expect to be able to mention its x,y position, color fill etc.

How to do this in StoryLine?

Is there a Javascript course for StoryLine?


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Joe Dey

There are probably a number of ways you can do this.  One way might be to assign states to the circle, increasing the size of the circle on each state.  You could then simply write a couple of variables to control the state changes when you manipulate the slider.  Alternative you could use layers and triggers. Placing a ever larger circle on a layer and set triggers to move between the layers as the slider is manipulate.  Javascript is a great tool but so is Storyline, it can do almost everything you are able to imagine without Java Script, experiment and see, its easy to learn and you feel great when you start solving these problems in less time than you think.