Javascripting Question: Adding a "0" to the front of variable in Storyline 360

Looking for some help on the following.

I have a dial (SL variable name: DialMin) that is set to show values from 1 - 59 in increments of 1. 

I would like to have the values from 1-9, show up as 01,02,03....09 when I show the variable onscreen using the %DialMin%.

I've pulled some javascript from the forums here but I'm not sure of what I need to do to accomplish my goal. Any help would be appreciated! 


//bring in the DialMin variable from Storyline

var player = GetPlayer();

var numberFromStoryline = player.GetVar("DialMin");

//Convert number from DialMin variable into a string

var convertedToString = numberFromStoryline;

if (convertedToString <10) {

convertedToString ="0" + convertedToString;


//set values for Storyline

player.SetVar("DialMin", convertedToString);

Thanks again for the help on this one!





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Michael Hinze

I only had a quick glance at the script. It looks to me there is a type mismatch, e.g. you are trying to execute a math operation on a string variable (convertedToString <10). But I thought there is no need to use JS here, you can adjust the variable display with two triggers as per the attached.