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Aug 13, 2015

I everybody. I'm quite new to Storyline and learning everyday. I'm using Jeff's  wonderfull template, but I need help to insert a first diapo to present a title to the glosarry, and then I would like to add interactive drop an drag questionnaire at the end of the glossary. I can set the drop and drag, but I don´t know how to include it a the end of the glossary. Anybody could help please. The glossary is about Food and Beverage production equipment and it works very well.

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Georges Fontaine

Hi, Dear Ashkey

Thanks for so prompt an answer.

The Glossary is to be used to help students to classify Food production equipment as current or fixed assets and by useful life span in the context of the planning phase of a F&B Business they must create. 

What I have in mind is that they may practise their knowledge by cliking on the # symbol at the right of the alphabet to access a drag and drop exercise. And I would like to begin de scene with a slide that identifies the glossary, the course and the university.

But as I'm quite new to Storyline, although I already have 7 interactive classes thay are working quite fine, I'am not familiar yet with "lightboxes" and master slide. This is a very complex software and I really love it. But at almost 70, learning is not anymore that easy! 

By the way, What file should a attach so that I may get help?

Thanks a lot again.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Georges,

Sounds like a cool set up! You can post the .story file here as that's the pre-publish in production file so that folks can see how you've set up slides/triggers/etc. I'm not a designer, so may defer to the community - but if you think somethings not working as designed, I can definitely take a look at that! 

Georges Fontaine

Thank you, Dear Ashley.

As you will see the second slide should be the first but I dont know how to place it as first. I have not made changes to the template other that letter type and details.

Once the presentation slide is in its place, I will add an audio to present the glossary.

Them, this morning, on a copy of the file, I'm replacing  the 676 lightbox , one by one so that you can go from one letter to the other on the " main frame" and not through a smaller window that yo have to close. This I will publish if it works! 

And I'm still interested in setting a drag and drop "game" to have the student answer questions about each clasificacation and useful life of the equipments. 

Hope my English is not too bad

Thanks again



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