Jeopardy Game

Hello everyone!

I am working on creating a new course and I want it to as interactive as possible.  Being that this is more of a "review" course I wanted to create almost a Jeopardy style game.

Has anyone done something like this or similar that could help me out or give some advice on it?

I am fairly new at using Articulate II. 

I am finding it difficult to create the questions and keep tally of the scores.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!



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Darla Buckley

I create a lot of my content in PowerPoint and then often capture it in video using the PowerPoint MIX add on, and drop those videos into Storyline.  Since the game was built in PowerPoint, I would capture the first slide as a PowerPoint Show and drop that video into Storyline. You may just want to use the graphics from my PowerPoint game, to save yourself time.