Jump to _THIS_ slide / scene / layer

Anyone think that having an option to jump to the current slide /scene / layer would be a good feature request?

This type of feature would make restarting a slide scene layer a snap. Especially when you copy the trigger across multiple slides and don't have to go to each trigger to tell it to jump to itself or create a dummy slide that you jump to and then jump back from.

Scenario: Create custom replay button. Set it to jump to this slide when user clicks. Set slide to reset to initial state. User clicks the replay button. Trigger fires and slide jumps back to itself. Narration and animations start over but any variables stay the same.

In addition it would be great to control the slide/layer state from triggers. i.e. If variable is true then jump to slide with initial state. If variable is false then jump to slide  with saved state. That should probably go into its own thread though.

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Jerson  Campos

I've actually recommended something similar. I asked for "Global" triggers. It would allow us to create triggers outside of the slides. We can the reference these global triggers from one of the slides. The global triggers could be a set of triggers like (go to this slide, set this variable, if true, then this, if not, then this). This way we only  have to make changes to one set of triggers and not every single slide that we used these triggers in.

It similar to global and local functions using javascript and other scripts.