Jump to specific place on webpage that is already open in a new browser window?

Mar 27, 2017


I have an online user guide for a new piece of software that is very simple - just one page listing all "help" topics with bookmarks/anchors so that you can jump around within the document. I'm building an accompanying course to train people how to use the software. On the whole the software is super intuitive. I'm on a bit of a shoestring so trying to reuse as much existing material as possible.

The plan is to have users work through scenarios and if they get stuck I'll take them to the appropriate section of the user guide in a separate window. (I want to avoid building anything with hints layers or similar if I can just take them straight to the very simple user guide).

However, every time a user clicks on a help link, a new window opens. Is there any way to have the user guide open in a new window the FIRST time a user clicks for help, and for subsequent help clicks to jump to specific anchors in the window that is already open? 

I think the answer is no... Any way to do it with a web object maybe?

Here's hoping!

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Alexandros Anoyatis

I'm not sure whether webObjects containing css id selectors work with your version of Storyline (if memory serves me right, they don't), or if your web document contains the actual id's, but it's worth a shot.

You can try a web object such as :

However, "tip1" should be defined as an id within your document, otherwise the webObject will just point to the top of it, which is not what you want happening here.

Furthermore, if you're going to have more than a couple of references to this document, this might be way too impractical/repetitive.

One other way to do this (the hard way) is following this tutorial : http://www.joemarini.com/tutorials/tutorialpages/window1.php

Hope this helps,

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