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Well, I'm starting a new job with an organization that has never had a DL capacity.  I've been in a large (60,000) person organization before and we used Evolution as our centralized LCMS and vehicle for generating SCORM files for our LMS.  With this much smaller group I have selected the Articulate Studio 09 as the basic authoring tool and downloaded the free trial to start learning how to use it.  I'm looking forward to getting the most from this tool.

I would be grateful for any tips on how to get started.


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David Anderson

Welcome to Heroes Lawrence!

One way to get started quickly would be to review the Product Tutorials. You'll find written and screencast tutorials around every feature of Studio '09. 

Articulate Presenter '09

Articulate Quizmaker '09

Articulate Engage '09

Another option would be to try the more hands-on approach by following the Building Better Course tutorials. Those tutorials will walk you through taking a basic PowerPoint file and publishing it quickly online all the way through designing more interactive courses using Studio '09.

At any point, you can download any of the free templates we offer and use those as a starting point for figuring out techniques.

Most importantly, if you have any questions on how to do something, these forums will be the best place to post your questions. And if you have an idea or existing course model that you're hoping to recreate, please share what you can so we can round up some targeted examples for you.


Martine Blottin

Bonjour à tous,

Moi aussi je suis novice avec le logiciel Articulate studio 09 et je voulais faire un retour sur mon expérience d'apprentissage.

J'apprécie les vidéos même si mon anglais est médiocre, la qualité des vidéo m'a permis de comprendre et d'affiner mes connaissances et apprentissage du logiciel. En effet, celles-ci sont claires et pertinentes et de très bonnes qualités, bravo....

En suivant ,avec un traducteur , toutes les conversations qui s'échangent ici, j'ai beaucoup appris et avec plaisir, merci à tous....

Aujourd'hui je conçois des modules sur la santé au travail et dans quelques temps je partagerais Mon PREMIER MODULE avec vous tous afin d'avoir votre feedback qui me permettra de progresser.

Je vous souhaite à tous de créer de merveilleux modules avec Articulate.

Très bonne journée.

Martine (de france)

Bruce Graham

Welcome aboard - and when you have completed everything David suggests, it will be time to retire

There's not really much more that can be said, apart from "the only stupid question is the one that is not asked", so ask away!

Questions that are "Technical" and "Technique" - all welcome here.

See you around the boards - and good luck.


Louise Ward

I found watching screenr tutorials was very helpful in getting little tips on how to do things (www.screenr.com), but I think the best help I have received has been from the weekly blogs sent to my email, so sign up to The Rapid eLearning Blog by going to the E-Learning Blog link at the top of this page.

And of course, practice makes perfect, so when you've got the basics from the guides listed in the replies above, just start messing!

Lawrence Tagrin

Thanks to all for the help.  I'm getting somewhat comfortable with Articulate and have demonstrated it for the developers I will be training and guiding in this endeavor.  Everyone is excited about using the tool.

Since we're a governmental agency, the primary  area which will cause concern is adherence to Section 508 accessibility standards.  I'd love to hear from others in government (especially the Federal side) who have addressed this issue.


David Anderson

Bruce Graham said:

Welcome aboard - and when you have completed everything David suggests, it will be time to retire

LOL I just caught that Bruce

@Lawrence - Another thing you could do while you're getting started is skim the forum posts that come in. You don't need to read the full post, only the headlines. It's a good way to slowly begin processing the common questions, terminology and issues folks encounter building courses.

The WOM blog has a list of all the Screenr tutorials created. This includes product-specific screencasts as well as general multimedia and PowerPoint tutorials. Here's the link: http://www.articulate.com/blog/category/community-tutorials/

You can also subscribe via RSS to each of the categories to track the latest and greatest Screenr tutorials. Just look for the RSS icon at the bottom of each category. The RSS tracks everything we tag on the Diigo Groups page.

Or you can subscribe to all categories with this link: http://groups.diigo.com/group/articulate-screenr/rss