Justifying Training's Existence

Hi All,

It seems to be a well accepted truth that training is beneficial for employees - all of us would of course agree. That being said, is there any hard evidence to suppor that "truth"? I work at a company driven by data, so I'm trying to find information to justify the existence of training and general positive ROI. Here are a few examples I'm looking into. Does anyone have data to show that training:

-          Increases sales

-          Decreases warranty

-          Decreases service calls

-          Increases customer satisfaction

-          Increases referral rates

-          Increase safety rates

-          Decreases customer cost to on-board a new employee


Any and all feedback is appreciated!!




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Zara Ogden

There are tons of studies that can assist you. Google has many that you can locate.

But you will find it is not just formal learning but a blended approach of employee engagement that includes coaching, training, and experimenting. I recently read DRIVE by Dan Pink and was amazed at the truth about what motivates us.