K12 Microsoft Access Simulation

I just completed an Access Storyline simulation.  I am still trying to really the best ways to complete simulations.  This is the first sim that I used the FANTASITAC auto-tune feature.  What a difference from my first sims.  Even though I just finished this sim, I was able to have one of my students use it.  He was absent and missed the class introduction activities to Microsoft Access 2010. I asked him to run through the simulation with the knowledge that he was the first to use it and there might be quirks.  He came after school and was able to grasp the concepts.  I quizzed him after the sim and was pleasantly surprised to find he picked up a great deal of understanding through the simulation.  Although some of my students are really good with technology, none of them had ever been on Access before.  In the k12 environment absent students can been one of the most frustrating things for students and teachers alike. It is very hard in real time to go back and reteach an 80 min class to students who miss. The student who went through the sim had the confidence he was right there with his other classmates. 



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Nick n/a

Thanks for posting your simulation created by Storyline Brian.

I'll have a run through it myself and enjoyed it.

Having to input the text myself and the help notes on the side make it pretty useful.

I agree about the real time aspect for students and teachers.

This type of simuation would help during Spring Break when all those students will forget material covered in classes.

I have a background in the UK version of K-12 so I understand your position with students and teachers.

I'd like to ask if you posted your simulation here for feedback, or to show/express your creation?

Happy Holidays.