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Hello everyone.  I haven't been on here in quite a while.  I decided to focus more on my last semester of Grad School, so I left my last job.  However, for my final project in school , I was building an interactive E-Book in InDesign for the dojo where I study karate, when it occurred to me that maybe Storyline was a better option.  What I'm supposed to be doing is creating something that shows three of the four focuses of my Digital Media degree (Film, Audio, Web Design and Graphic Design).  But, the most important part is to have something to show future employers.  If I ever did re-enter the training field, having something in Storyline that I can show people (I had to leave everything I built for my previous employer behind, as it was all confidential), might be a great benefit to me.  Plus, I can still have something that shows off my video skills. 

So, all of that being said, I need to make sure, visually, that this looks the best it possibly can, you know?  So, this is what I have right now (it's not much, I just put it together quickly to show my professor when I told her I'd be changing directions):


I'm not thrilled with the design at all right now.  Would anyone have something of a similar style they could link me to that I can draw some inspiration from? I'm not sure where to start looking at all.


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Oscar Guillen

Hi Ashley,

I put together a quick demo for you, the first 2 buttons "Prerequisites" and "Kata" will take you to a side layer with different layout depending of how much text you need to write, I personally like more the "Kata" layout.

You can choose which layout you like best and just create more side layers for the other buttons.

Hope you this helps and good luck with you degree.

Ps. Feel free to use any of my images.

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Oscar Guillen

Hi Ashley,

Glad to know you like the design, I can email you the logos and images if you like, you will need Adobe Illustrator to fully customize the logos because they are vectors.


A cloud of mystical dust appears, shrouding Oscar in its magic You roll a six The cloud dissipates and Oscar is gone