Kineo Skin - Has anyone used it?

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In one of the latest newsletter there was a link for 2 Kineo skins. I just loved the “Flare” and it would look great on a course I’m building.

But I’m having some difficulties (probably inexperience of mine!): :(

- I don’t have the transcript button;

- The screen have zoom. For example, in quiz screen the “summit” button doesn’t show;

- I would like to translate all buttons. There are a few I can’t find in XML to translate;

- The skin doesn’t accept special characters. We in Portugal have character like ç â, õ, í, etc. How can I change the codification?

- I have a “Tutorial” engage I would like to connect to the “Help” button (like glossary), is that possible? I had it on the top and with this skin that don’t show…

Can anyone help me?! :(

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Paco Garcia Jaen

Hi Ana,

Some things I can answer right away. Some I need some clarification.

The transcript button: For that to appear, you need to have some text in the notes section of the PPT. The button will appear only on slides that have that text. It will be hidden on slides that don't have any text.

What size presentation are you using and how are you publishing? You need to publish on "no sidebar".

What buttons do you need to translate?

The font is embedded in the skin, and I have the feeling that particular one doesn't take special characters (or what are called special characters for an English alphabet). Not much that can be done about that unfortunately.

The quick answer to your tutorial is no. The help panel is tied to the button and is also embedded in the skin, so it can't be amended without quite a lot of work. However, if you don't need to use a glossary, you could change that label, create your tutorial and assign it to the tab just as you do the glossary and the engage you want should pop up.

Hope this helps!


Ana Victória

Hello Paco,

thanks for your feedback.

Unfortunately we had to drop this skin :( for lots of reasons, namely the language issue and because we have lots of tabs (notes, glossary, tutorial, Internet connection, my notes, etc.)

But we liked it very much soo hope to used it on another ocasion.

Thanks anyway