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Elena Ravanelli

Hi Daniel. the modules will educate on a implant device to treat heart valve disease. this will not be the only training format. online curriculum will be a pre-work prior to a 1 day class and an onsite training before procedure. it is meant to create baseline knowledge and possibly speed up classroom. assessing knowledge is not a mandate per regulatory requirement. nevertheless being a 10 modules curriculum we thought having some sort of brain teasers was good. should I call them brain teasers though?


Daniel Canaveral

I see!  Umm...in my mind, "Brain Teasers" should be reserved for more trivia-based content.  I would propose something like "Gauging Prior Knowledge" (formal - general) or "What Do You Know About...[Heart Valve Disease]" (informal - specific). I'm a very visual person, so I felt compelled to put something together to illustrate the difference:

gauging prior knowledge

What Do You Know About...