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Jul 14, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for ideas. I have a couple of screens in an e-learning course that include a large complicated flow-chart process graphic. I need to make the steps clickable so that people can learn more about each of them. I cannot change the graphic as it is a federal government approved image/process and they are very tied to the look and feel. Unfortunately I cannot post the image, but I've posted a blacked-out diagram to give you the idea.

I've considered something with zooming, and also considered trying to figure out some sort of scrolling process without the scroll bar being so visible. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Ashley Chiasson

If they aren't opposed to scrolling, you could place the diagram in a scrolling panel. Although, in my experience with government, scrolling is a no-no.

Another idea: You could show the overall diagram, with a zoom feature for the user to expand, and then have multiple slides to illustrate sections of the diagram, which you could make interactive, and then have a summary of the whole diagram at the end, emphasizing how everything works together/importance, etc. 

If you went that route, each slide to discuss sections with interactivity, you could have a smaller scale of the diagram on one side, with the area being discussed highlighted for reference.

Not ideal, but it could work?


You could also do a zoom interaction, where the entire diagram is shown, with clickable icons for each section; when clicked, that section is zoomed in and discussed with interactivity.

I'm just throwing ideas at a wall here - any sticking? :P

Anu Joshi

Hi Ashely, 

Thank you for sharing any idea of interaction. I am also looking to create an interactive process flow in my project. These ideas are really helpful. I was wondering if you could share your sample of your work if possible.

I am still learning different feature in storyline, it helps me to understand better when I see it. 


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