Large Library Advice Needed

Hello Articulate Community! I have a problem. A problem that many of you have already probably encountered. Here goes:

  • We have a course library of roughly 50 courses
  • Each course will need to be translated to say 7 languages for a total of 350 courses files.

Are there any best practices for managing a huge globalized curriculum? Are there any tools out there we can use to track changes between English and <other language> files? Our main challenge will be managing translation scripts between modules and having to mass update say 7 files each time any one of the 50 modules change.

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Michael Anderson

Since no one else has responded yet...Have you considered creating checklists in Google Sheets? This would allow collaboration with the entire team doing the editing, while the manager could easily track the progress of each project file/team member.

I'm sure there are commercial solutions out there that would be more robust.

Are you running these courses through an LMS?