launching quiz using slide comnpletion variable

Hello, I am building a course with a quiz that I want to launch after the user has viewed all 16 of the content slides. I first created a quiz launch page where the user clicks a button to launch the quiz. I then created a numeric variable called SLIDECOUNT, with a default value of zero.  Then, on each of the content slides I created a trigger that adds the value 1.00 to SLIDECOUNT when the timeline completes. Finally I created a trigger that jumps to the quiz launch page when the value of SLIDECOUNT is equal to or greater than 16, and copied this trigger to each of the menu and content slides in the project.  This should work, right?  But it doesn't. Any ideas?  I have added the author file

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Nancy Woinoski

Without seeing your project file it is hard to determine what is wrong but the first thing I would do is check the trigger order. The triggers to jump to the quiz launch page need to be above any other triggers that jump to a slide or layer.

Also, when is the trigger to jump to the quiz lunch page being triggered? Is it when the timeline starts or on a button click? If it is on a button click then the trigger will have to be added to each button that triggers a slide jump.  So in the case of your menu slide - you would have to add the trigger to each button or link on the menu.


Vinay Gupta

Hello Guy Armstrong

If the user view only one slide again and again and also other slides then each and every time Slidecount added value 1 and reaches to 16 then its automatically jump to quiz slide. I think this is wrong idea you can do this by different method.

like you have to make a variable named slide and set it default value is 0 and in each slide u have to adjust the variable of slide=1 and for other slides u have to make variable slide1, Slide2, slide3 and further so on... for other slides, and at the end you have to set a trigger in each slide  jump slide quiz slide when timelines end and in condition if the slide =1 and slide2 =1 and slide3 =1 and futher so on...

Simon Blair

The first question I'd ask you is, is it possible to get to slide 16 without going through slides 1-15?

If yes, then you'll have to do something like what Vinay suggested and track the status of each slide.

If not, then all you need to do is add a way on slide 16 for them to launch the quiz. If you want them to be able to launch it from any slide, but only after they view 16, then you can put the button (hidden) on every slide, then use a trigger on 16 to enable it.