Layering objects after motion path

Hey all,
I need some help: I built a simple tabs animation where you can click on the tab shown on the right hand side and it then slides to the left while revealing a text.

After a lot of fidgeting to get the motion paths aligned to the same end point I would love to layer the objects so that they stack on top of each other instead of the latest one disappearing underneath the first object again. Is there a way on how to do this?

Also: any ideas on moving the text synchronized to the tabs without adding yet another 11 motion paths?

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Allison Goldthorpe

These kind of interactions are definitely harder to build than you'd expect. To my knowledge, there's no way to change the order of objects in a timeline of a single slide as part of the slide's interaction. It would be super messy to change the state of the first tab to hidden when others are shown. Therefore, you'd need to use layers or different slides to give the appearance of it changing.

Take a look at the attached file- this was an interaction I build for the accordion ELH challenge. I only had four "tabs" to my accordion, so I built them in separate slides and then use the layers to show the animation. I have some more details about the build here, and you should check the other challenge entries for more ideas and source files too.